Types of the washing machine in India

Types of the washing machine in India

Once upon a time, our ancestors washed clothes in the river, lakes, and ponds, and the women in the family did not go to work and attended household duties. Coming to the urban lifestyle, nuclear families are the order of the day. Both husband and wife go to work. The latest electronic appliances have taken the place of domestic help. If you are planning to buy a washing machine, then this guide is just for you.

How to buy the washing machine?

There are various factors you need to consider before buying the washing machine. You can choose the washing machine as per your requirements.

Different types of washing machine in India:

  • Front-Loading Washer- This model is the best choice if you have less space in your home. You can place it in the laundry room or washroom. Additionally, you can pack more items as it has more area. You do not have to worry about its performance as even bulky items can fit in. front-loading washer is far more superior as compared to the other models. You can add steam to help remove stains in some branded front loader washing machine models. The moisture gets retained in small loads, which cuts down the drying time thanks to its high spin speed. this model is very expensive because of its unique features and advanced technology options. , the time per wash cycle may extend by thirty minutes if you use the customized settings. Due to the heavy influx of load, there are chances that the model will vibrate. Odors may form in the washtub or detergent dispenser if the water gets trapped inside.
  • Traditional Top-Loading Washer- You do not have to bend the knees as for a front loader washer for this model. You get the rare option to add more clothes even after pressing the cycle button in some models. The wash cycles are shorter in duration as compared to the other models. Additionally, the control panel is not only easy to operate but also uncomplicated. As per the need, you can never adjust the wash cycles. You can find more water in wet loads even after the cycle spin. This model is the right one for your need if you have a small family and your children are grown-up.
  • Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Usually there has always been a debate about the difference between a fully automatic washing machine and a semi-automatic washing machine. In the case of a fully automatic machine, one gets a variety to choose from top loading and front loading. Let us understand the two in brief:
    • Top Loading Fully Automatic: In the case of this machine type, this model only has one motor that performs all the washing activities including spinning. Hence, as the name suggests this type of washing machine does not require any intervention of a human. In the case of this top-loaded fully automatic version, the machine has impellers and agitators and the primary advantage of these Is that you can end up adding clothes even after the machine has started i.e., in the midway. Here the cycle of the wash takes less time or rounds but ends up taking more water. In terms of the two models available – The Agitator model ends up being a little tough on the clothes and the Impeller ends up tangling them but does behave smoothly with very delicate materials.
    • Front Loading Fully Automatic: In this case, the machine has a drum that rotates, and this way the clothes get tumbled. This model is excellent when it comes to saving both energy and water and the entire process of washing clothes remains clean in this case. This model of machine is also spacious, which means at a time you can end up adding more clothes as well. However, since it is spacious it also costs a few extra bucks. The downfall of the machine is that they end up requiring higher pressure of the water and also you need to have a permanent water connection, without which it will not be able to operate. Lastly, the model is heavy and bulky which makes it difficult to move.

The washing machine occupies a prominent place among the various electronic appliances in the home.


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