Water Geyser Creates a Fuss in Between Tips to Solve the Issue

Water Geyser Creates a Fuss in Between Tips to Solve the Issue

One of the most common home appliances is a geyser. The appliance produces hot water which you can use for a plethora of purposes, including bathing, cleaning, washing, etc. in simple terms, you can say it is a process where energy source like natural gas or solar energy is used to heat the water. Inside a geyser that heat water, there are two main elements. You can say that heating elements have failed if the power supply in your home is sufficient, but you cannot get hot water from the geyser. Besides this, a faulty thermostat is also the reason why you don’t have hot water. A device that keeps the temperature of the water inside the geyser at the desired level is the thermostat. Once the desired temperature is achieved, it cuts off the power supply.

Water pressure is low:

sedimentation build up in the water pipes, corrosion, rust, and blockage in outlet valve are some of the reasons for low water pressure.

You can hear voices when the geyser is on:

The salt and mineral deposit at the bottom of the water heater tank could be the reason you hear the loud humming, hissing, and crackling noise from your geyser when you use it. Along with the right time, both the lime and scale which are present at the bottom of the hard water end up coating the surface of all the heating elements as well as the tank.

Water dripping from the geyser:

When you see water dripping from your geyser, you need to know that indicates some serious issues like loose drain valves, high-pressure build-up inside the geyser, or even the tank could be eroded. You don't need to panic when you see water dripping from the temperature-pressure relief valve. If there is something in excess, then you can say excess pressure build-up inside the geyser. If there is no hot water from the geyser despite the power supply in your home is fine, then you can say heating elements have failed. Besides this, the faulty thermostat is a reason for no hot water.

Electric Water Heater Repairs issues:

First of all, you need to know how an electric water heater works. Hence when you understand this, then you can solve the problems quickly. When you start with the cold water tank, then you can begin with the thermostat that will energize the upper part. Cold water enters the bottom of the tank at the same time when hot water is used. When the lower element heat, it will cool the lower thermostat.

When starting from a cold-water tank. The upper side of the thermostat ends up energizing the upper element. When the top half of the tank contains hot water, then automatically the thermostat which is at the upmost will shit off the powers of the upper element and then send it across the element of the lower thermostat.

When starting from a hot water tank – In times when hot water is made to use, cold water ends up entering from the bottom of the tank at the same time along with hot water. This ends up cooling both the lower element as well as the lower thermostat from heating.

When it comes to a geyser, we might end up taking this very precious device lightly, but it does need its own share of maintenance to protect it from wear and tear. For this purpose, it is vital to get in touch with an expert who does have intricate knowledge of the same and understands the wear about of the geyser present at the property.


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